S’N’BIO nail polish line is being reviewed!

snbio nail polish

Recently it was spa day here and we set out to do our nails….. The nail polish we used is the S’N’BIO from Safe n Beautiful. If this company sounds familiar, it is because we have reviewed a number of their safe and natural line of products. There are a number of S’N’BIO collections. Our […]

Lithuania votes Snails the No1 “Kid’s choice of 2018”.

lithuania kid's choice

“Super experts”  the most popular TV show for kids on TV3 channel in Lithuania, votes every year for the best and safest product for the little ones. The show decides who will be the “Kid’s choice of 2018” where The “judges” are kids of 8-9 years old who try and test all the products in competition. Snails was […]

Meet the new Snails nail sticker families.

new stickers family

Let the Children play with their nails. NEW NAIL STICKERS FOR KIDS! We’re excited to bring you our brand-new sticker family, Mr. potato head and Quack Quack nail stickers. Let your children enjoy playing with their nails and make it a whole different experience of fun and cuteness. Stickers are available on our e-shop. Get […]

14 Ideas for Valentine’s Day with Kids!

valentines day with kids

On Valentine’s Day, many people eagerly anticipate romance, roses, and more.  However, the joy of sending a Valentine or small token of love or appreciation goes beyond just the romantic and can extend to others that you love or care for, such as your children, your parents, nieces and nephews, and anyone else.  Kids excitedly […]