snbio nail polish

S’N’BIO nail polish line is being reviewed!

Recently it was spa day here and we set out to do our nails….. The nail polish we used is the S’N’BIO from Safe n Beautiful. If this company sounds familiar, it is because we have reviewed a number of their safe and natural line of products.

There are a number of S’N’BIO collections.

Our experience is that the S’N’BIO collection has a wonderful lineup of color options. The nail polish goes on smoothly and easily. The colors are vibrant and long lasting when on. The shine is awesome once on.

I really like that S’N’BIO is made of natural ingredients. I like putting a more natural product on.

I recommend that you check out the entire lineup of Safe n’ Beautiful products. They have a product line for kids and adults. To find out more, make sure to visit them here…


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