White Magic Body Glitter

body glitter

Does your child love painting their face or putting on glitter? Are you concerned with the amount of  toxins they contain? Snails Body & Hair glitter is a safe way for little girls to spray on a variety of body glitters without making a mess! It is quick, fun and of course, child-friendly. The new […]

Barcelona high school event hosts Snails.


Jesuites Gracia Kostka School of Barcelona hosted Snails at the Ampakostka school event. A nail corner event colored the atmosphere giving out certificates of happy and safe nails. Snails wants to spread safe cosmetics all over the world and allow kids to celebrate and have fun with non toxic and water based products. We will […]

Play is the highest form of research.

play for kids

Kids can play dressing up now safely with Snails non-toxic child cosmetics. PLAY is children’s work in which they are preparing themselves  for adult roles and for society at large. For a child, play is the vehicle for exploring and learning, developing new skills, and connecting with others. Through PLAY children practice talking, singing, writing, […]

Meet the new Snails nail sticker families.

new stickers family

Let the Children play with their nails. NEW NAIL STICKERS FOR KIDS! We’re excited to bring you our brand-new sticker family, Mr. potato head and Quack Quack nail stickers. Let your children enjoy playing with their nails and make it a whole different experience of fun and cuteness. Stickers are available on our e-shop. Get […]

S’N’B sees rapid growth worldwide

safe n beautiful

Greek natural nail care company Safe n Beautiful (S’N’B) has achieved a record growth in sales of 496% year-on-year. The company’s specialist range of Snails nail polishes for children, which take their name from ‘safe nails’, and its recently launched S’N’B Wash-Off polish for adults are now available in over 960 stores and online outlets […]