Snails Won’t Exit with the Brexit

The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June 2016, and nobody is certain yet how it will affect British and European companies doing business together.

Only one thing is 100% sure – you’ll still be able to buy Snails safe nail polishes all over the world!

We are not a political company. All we know is, we love our colourful customers in the 80+ countries where Snails products are available.

We love Britain. It’s the birthplace of our founder and CEO, Jeanette.

And we love Europe, too. Our headquarters are in Greece, and our products are made in France and Italy.

What will happen next? The UK will take 2 years to decide whether to stay in the European single market, or make a new trade deal with Europe. Both options mean the UK and Europe are still partners.

So whatever happens – Snails means safe and colourful fun for kids everywhere!

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