Snails Happy Hour

happy hour

Every Wednesday from 12pm to 12am  during October 2018, you get all  Snails products with 40% OFF. SAVE THE DATE!

Snails Spooky gift pouch! Booooooo

spooky nails

This is the spookier halloween pouch of the year! All you need are these amazing Halloween snails products that will take your costume to the next level. It contains a black Snails nail polish especially created for this occasion as you can not find it in the regular Snails collections, a white art pen and halloween […]

If you are looking for a gift just go pink!

gift idea

If you are looking for a gift to make a little girl jump off her feet,  make sure it is PINK! You do not need to spend a big budget to impress as a bundle of fun accessories and toys can do the job! A pink Snails polish, some fun Snails stickers, a multi color […]

White Magic Body Glitter

body glitter

Does your child love painting their face or putting on glitter? Are you concerned with the amount of  toxins they contain? Snails Body & Hair glitter is a safe way for little girls to spray on a variety of body glitters without making a mess! It is quick, fun and of course, child-friendly. The new […]

Barcelona high school event hosts Snails.


Jesuites Gracia Kostka School of Barcelona hosted Snails at the Ampakostka school event. A nail corner event colored the atmosphere giving out certificates of happy and safe nails. Snails wants to spread safe cosmetics all over the world and allow kids to celebrate and have fun with non toxic and water based products. We will […]

I want Green hair today Mum! Boys love to color their hair.

color hair

BOYS! “I want green hair today mum” announced Tiger at the weekend. He’s seriously into Teen Titans Go and his favorite character is Beast Boy (a green superhero, with green hair, that turns into green animals!) I’m guessing this was his style inspiration. Hair chalk is really easy to apply, which is brilliant as although Tiger had the […]

Play is the highest form of research.

play for kids

Kids can play dressing up now safely with Snails non-toxic child cosmetics. PLAY is children’s work in which they are preparing themselves  for adult roles and for society at large. For a child, play is the vehicle for exploring and learning, developing new skills, and connecting with others. Through PLAY children practice talking, singing, writing, […]

Easter prints with a potato.

easter holiday ideas

Using just a potato and some washable paint, kids can get happy and creative. Potato printing for kids is a fun and simple craft for children of all ages that can enjoy during holidays. Using an object as a stamp is a great way to create pictures that are truly unique, so if hand and […]

Lithuania votes Snails the No1 “Kid’s choice of 2018”.

lithuania kid's choice

“Super experts”  the most popular TV show for kids on TV3 channel in Lithuania, votes every year for the best and safest product for the little ones. The show decides who will be the “Kid’s choice of 2018” where The “judges” are kids of 8-9 years old who try and test all the products in competition. Snails was […]