Color Your Easter Eggs With Your Snails Nail Polish

easter eggs color

When I sat down to brainstorm ideas for my upcoming Easter table, I thought about how the vivid shades of some of my favorite spring nail polish shades would be perfect for marbling Easter eggs…and didn’t they turn out pretty? Making these is rather addictive: I couldn’t stop playing around with different color combinations and dipping just […]

Nail Designs for Kids to Do at Home.

cool nail designs

Nail Designs for Kids By far the coolest fashion for nail designs are cute easy nail art for kids. Find some easy step by step kids nail designs to formulate fun patterns. The options are being limitless like the ideas. You can make your child shine within their distinctive world by picking step by step tutorial […]

Meet the new Snails nail sticker families.

new stickers family

Let the Children play with their nails. NEW NAIL STICKERS FOR KIDS! We’re excited to bring you our brand-new sticker family, Mr. potato head and Quack Quack nail stickers. Let your children enjoy playing with their nails and make it a whole different experience of fun and cuteness. Stickers are available on our e-shop. Get […]

14 Ideas for Valentine’s Day with Kids!

valentines day with kids

On Valentine’s Day, many people eagerly anticipate romance, roses, and more.  However, the joy of sending a Valentine or small token of love or appreciation goes beyond just the romantic and can extend to others that you love or care for, such as your children, your parents, nieces and nephews, and anyone else.  Kids excitedly […]

Say Aloha to a New Safe Nails Collection


The ‘Aloha spirit’ of Hawaii means joy, sharing, and having the determination to achieve anything you want in life. So it was the perfect inspiration for our brand new safe nail polish collection: Snails Aloha!