Snails Display 36 & 72 pcs

Snails product looks great in store! Weave some merchandise magic with SNAILS Kids nail polish.

Looking to have SNAILS Kids nail polish in store for children? Don’t look past our merchandiser for irresistible display of any SNAILS product you choose. Please email us for more information.


Snails Special Collections

All special collections: Fleur and Aloha come with their own special display 😉


Snails HUGE Floor Display (coming soon)


S’N’B SPA Frame Display 30 pcs

S’N’B SPA Frame Display. 5 SPA Treatments x 6 pcs each


SNB Frame Display 60 pcs

S’N’B Frame Display 20 colours X 3 pcs



SnBio Snails Nail Spa Magic Peel